Hiking holiday Trentino

Excursions in Mezzocorona

The uncontaminated nature of Trentino

Walks with children, running routes and much more too: the surrounding area enclose opportunities for all tastes and levels!

Amongst the excursions in Mezzocorona we recommend the one that passes by our hotel on the plateau. The route, pleasant and popular in all seasons, represents the first section of the long path (trail 500) which leads you to Merano.

The difference in level of 672 metres is a challenge for sportsmen, but the “culinary reward”  makes the effort worthwhile….

Strada delle Longhe

A steep paved road (the only one that connects Monte to Mezzocorona), which from the location of Ischia takes you to the Bait dei Manzi (1.30 h) and to the Monte (2.10 h) on a panoramic route. It constitutes an alternative to the traditional path Burrone Giovanelli and Mezzocorona - Monte.

Difficulty: E (Hikers)
Duration: 2.10 h - Difference in climb level: 672 m
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Malga Kraun

From the station at the Monte you meet the didactic forest path and subsequently the trampled path accessing the convenient forest road (trail n° 504 and n° 507). Continuing you have the option of taking two shortcuts on the paths. After about 1 hour 15mins of walking you arrive at the beautiful wide valley of Malga Kraun. Here, you can also take a short walk to admire the centuries old silver fir trees called “chandeliers”.

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Mezzocorona - Monte

A pleasant route, very popular in all seasons, constitutes the main and shortest pedestrian access road to the Monte di Mezzocorona. It furthermore represents the first section of the long path (trail 500) which connects Mezzocorona to Merano.

Difficulty: EE (Expert hikers)
Duration: 1.45 h - Difference in climb level: 672 m
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Via ferrata Burrone Giovanelli

From the location of Ischia di Mezzocorona you reach, by means of the Via Ferrata Burrone Giovanelli, the Bait dei Manzi (850 m). The route is suitable for everyone and offers an extraordinary view with a suggestive ravine and thunderous waterfalls.

Difficulty: EEA-PD (Ferrata with little difficulty)
Duration: 2.15 h - Difference in climb level: 629 m
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