Mezzocorona - Monte

A pleasant route, very popular in all seasons, constitutes the main and shortest pedestrian access road to the Monte di Mezzocorona. It furthermore represents the first section of the long path (trail 500) which connects Mezzocorona to Merano.

Difficulty: EE (Expert hikers) Duration: 1.45 Difference in climb level: 672

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Christmas Markets Special 03.12 - 27.12.2021
Christmas Markets Special

Christmas lights, snow that makes the rooftops and the mountains glisten, a wonderful cup of mulled wine to warm up. Destination: Ai Spiazzi to experience the magic of the Christmas season.

Details From € 178,00
Christmas at Ai Spiazzi 24.12 - 27.12.2021
Christmas at Ai Spiazzi

Walks on the pristine white trails, snowmen, hot chocolate and the warmth of family-run accommodations. These few words describe Ai Spiazzi's Christmas.

Details From € 294.00
New Year's Eve at Ai Spiazzi 27.12.2021 - 06.01.2022
New Year's Eve at Ai Spiazzi

They say that well begun is half done. Ring in the New Year at Ai Spiazzi for a scintillating 2022.

Details From € 372.00
Winter special 7 for 5 & 4 for 3 06.01 - 25.02.2022
Winter special 7 for 5 & 4 for 3

This offer is also valid for the period from 21.02. to the 28.02.2022.

Details From € 237.00
Italian Carnival Special 25.02 - 05.03.2022
Italian Carnival Special

The colorful February awaits you here in Trentino with some fantastic Adventures, driving on the perfectly groomed ski slopes...

Details From € 267.00
Easter in the Mountains 14.04 - 18.04.2022
Easter in the Mountains

When the Winter slowly fades away and Spring awakes, then it is Easter Time. What could be better than spending your holidays in Nature?

Details From € 294.00
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